Welding Accessories

Each application requires welding accessories. Vac Oxygène offers a variety of quality brands to meet your needs.

Welding cables, cable connectors, lugs and connectors, electrode holders (Styles Lenco, Tweco and Bernard), furnace electrodes and housings, clamps contact (copper and steel), hoses, cables and reels, accessories and repair pipe installation kit, detector gas leakage, ignition lighters, brushes and hammers, etc..

Welding Cables

Welding cables offered by VAC Oxygène are insulated by a neoprene sleeve that meets or exceeds industry standards, this is a good choice for all applications. Cable prices are based on the price of the NYSE Comdex for copper, they are subject to change.

Connector cables

Designed to deliver effectively the current through a detachable connection.

The design allows a blocking action by twisting and joining the two halves tightly together. Metal parts are precision machined from a solid brass extrusion – resists rust and corrosion. Protection connectors offer excellent resistance to heat, cold, abrasion, ozone, oils and solvents.

Cable Terminals

Cable terminal with copper content for welding and power cables are available in several primary sizes to suit all cables up to a size 4/0. The terminals are designed to provide easy installation and secure connections.

Electrode holders

Our electrode holders are available in a full range of styles, sizes and amperages (150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 and 600 amps.) Ideal for 1/16 ” to 3/8″ electrodes.

Ground clamp

Our ground clamps provide a large contact surface to ensure proper grounding. The ergonomic handle ensures easy opening of the jaws.

The clamps have a good gripping power and feature a spring completely isolated the body of the driver and securely holds the cable connection with a hex screw ensures constant connection cable.