Safety Accessories

Jackets and pants

Vac Oxygène offers a complete range of protective clothing for complete protection, freedom of movement and maximum comfort all day long. These clothes are made using the best available leathers treated for the welding industry.

VAC Oxygène offers two types of welding clothing: jackets and flame retardant leather jackets and flame resistant to heat.

All jackets completely protect the upper body.

Welding Gloves

Gloves for GMAW and flame cutting of thick parts.

Ideal for GMAW, SMAW welding, the flame cutting and all general work on thick parts


VAC Oxygène offers a wide selection of accessories. All these accessories are made of durable high quality materials.

Head protection, face, eyes and respiratory tract

The following persons, among others, must wear the personal protective equipment: carpenters, electricians, machinists, mechanics, plumbers and pipe fitters, tour operators and milling machines, welders, gardeners and grounds maintenance employees using chemicals.

Safety glasses

VAC Oxygène offers a complete range of protective equipment for eyes for the most demanding applications. These glasses are very comfortable and fit virtually every head.

Wraparound lenses are made of lightweight polycarbonate and scratch resistant. Most safety glasses comply with ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards for optical clarity in and impact resistance.

Hearing protectors

VAC Oxygène offers a complete line of hearing protectors comfortable and easy to use, including ear plugs and ear muffs.

Several applications of welding or welding-related generate noise that can cause hearing loss if workers do not protect themselves during a long period of time. The proper use of hearing protection helps reduce the risk of hearing loss due to noise.

Face masks and head harness

VAC Oxygène offers high performance shields that provide wraparound in tough working environments.

Their contoured shape gives off the shoulders during head movements and can comfortably wear the goggles and respirators required.

Welding helmets

Wide range of welding helmets fiberglass and thermoplastic in a variety of colors and graphic designs.

Protective helmets

The head injuries are the most common injuries in all industries. Industry standards exist to help protect workers from such injuries. VAC Oxygène offers a choice of headsets for your personal protection.

Filter screens

The filter screens protect the welder against excessive glare and harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation.


These glasses are specially designed to reflect heat and infrared rays. The glare reduction allows the welder to better see the play and reflect heat and harmful infrared rays.

Welding caps

Welding caps are designed for workers who want a comfortable interface between their head and the welding helmet to absorb sweat and provide extra protection against sparks and projections.