Filler Metals/Wires

Vac Oxygène provides a wide range of filler metals meet all requirements. Whether you are welding aluminum, steel or stainless steel, we have the filler metal that will help you weld properly. Our full range of products covers all applications, maintenance and repair to high speed robotic welding.

It is important to consider that the welding materials must be certified in Canada when the welding is performed according to the National Building Code of Canada or to certain standards and codes in Canada and that the users specify their quality requirements.

The list of the latest certified electrodes

Specialty Welding Electrodes for Maintenance and Repair (MNR)

Welding is defined as the science of assembling steel by melting. Vac Oxygène offers its customers a whole new range of coated electrodes for advanced maintenance and repair (MNR), surfacing and several other applications that rely on welding techniques of high quality.

Coated electrodes

Whatever the challenges – offshore drilling, mining, steel structures and high strength pressure vessels – we have the low alloy steel electrodes you need.